Magnetic Table Lamp
Magnetic Table Lamp
Magnetic Table Lamp
Magnetic Table Lamp
Magnetic Table Lamp
Magnetic Table Lamp

Magnetic Table Lamp

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Magnetic Stepless Dimming Charging Desk Lamp Pro

  • Magnetic design 24hours long battery life
  • Adjustable light angles
  • Brightness step-less adjustment
  • Color temperature step-less adjustment
  • No blue light hazard/no visible strobing
  • Interactive touch control
  • Light color memory Easy to install

Easy to install, occupy Little Space

Paste the mini magnetic lamp base anywhere and fasten the lamp body. Say goodbye to a large base of traditional desk lamps, as a slim lamp body occupies little desktop space.

can be installed anywhere and save space while Old charging desk lamp can be used on the desktop only which is bulky and inconvenient.

Rotatable Design for a Light Angle You Like

Rotate the lamp body with a matched lamp base to adjust the angle. Free to adjust the light angle for Learning and binge-watching.

Stepless Dimming for Leisure and Learning

Steplessly dimming for any kind of light you like, 3000K-5000K color temperature for different light in various scenarios

Touch to Get the Light You Want

The lamp body contains the switch button, the brightness adjustment button, and the color temperature adjustment button. Interactive touch control design to light up your life with a touch. Single-click to adjust three-level brightness/ color temperature. Long press for stepless dimming.